Frank Shields started in Jan 2006 as a specialized shielding company based in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

Frank shields is the first local shield manufacturing company in this region who can design and manufacture shielding solutions for various requirements.

Our Mission

Facilitate competent, faster, reliable and safer installations of shielding, that meets the highest safety standards for our customer and to build a strong relation and sustain them forever.

Our Vision

Preferred shielding solution for Military, Healthcare or industrial for those who value safety their health, equipment, data or environment against possible threats of any harmful Radiation.

The Shielding Expertise of Frank Shields:

  • MRI Shielding. (Radiofrequency shielding or Faraday cage)
  • HEMP Shielding
  • Anechoic Chambers.
  • Blast Proof Shields
  • Bullet Proof Shields.
  • Radar Room Shielding.
  • Data center shielding
  • Bunker Shielding.
  • Hi Energy Linear Accelerator Radiation Shielding.
  • NDT –Radiation Shielding.
  • Mobile Radiation Shielding Products and Solution.
  • Modular Radiation Shielding Products and Solution.
  • Radiation Monitoring.
  • Linear Accelerator Radiation Door.
  • Diagnostic X-ray shielding.
  • Radiation Dose Meter Products
  • Diagnostic Phantoms in Diagnostic Radiology
  • Non-magnetic or MRI compatible Monitors, Projectors and viewing software.
  • MRI Chillers for cryocoolers.
  • Special Patient Comfort Products like MRI Picture Panels.

Our Values

Hire experience people and continuous trainings to improve their skills in installations and projects.

Interact with the customers and End users to reduce the lead-time in installation and completion of the project.

To make processes simpler and safer.

Follow the highest safety standards required to safeguard the people, capital equipment, and surroundings safe.

To be the leader in Middle East as a Shielding Manufacturer.

Listen and understand the needs of our valued customers, provide value-added solutions to sustain them for future.

Select and work with partners, who are leaders in the industry.

Invest in technical training and continues education/or employees to solidify the position/or future. Build an environment for the employees to work, interact and improve.

Innovate new methods of installations, which meets our mission statement.

Our goal is to create a reliable product and services to meet the various shielding requirements in Military, Healthcare and Industrial business segments in the Middle East market.