Keith try hotheaded and you may moody, just like his (former) lion, that makes it hard for many to do business with him

Keith try hotheaded and you may moody, just like his (former) lion, that makes it hard for many to do business with him


Keith is the latest Paladin of Black Lion regarding Voltron, additionally the previous Paladin of your own Reddish Lion too. One from few words and you may dead laughs, Keith are a good loner and break the rules of course with “discipline issues” one to lead to their expulsion from the Galaxy Garrison. He’s got walked off once the good Paladin to get results into Blade away from Marmora, only to later regain his rank since the commander of Voltron.


Known to be a keen orphan, Keith provides trouble setting up and you may hooking up with folks besides Shiro, who may have acted given that a teacher and you can guide for him; Keith easily seemed to ignore his fellow friends just after expelled of the fresh Galaxy Garrison. The guy invested most of their time shortly after his expulsion way of life by yourself within the a good shack call at the brand new wilderness and you will finding the fresh supply of strange energy the guy sensed, best your to understand more about the neighborhood list of hills. It was during these mountains which he discovered of your own lives of Blue Lion once Shiro production out of their captivity from inside the brand new Galra Kingdom and you will fellow Garrison cadets aid in this new Lion’s knowledge.

When you’re Keith try imbued that have a sense of fairness and you may bravery, this can reveal itself inside a persistent character, and then make your someone who will not back down of a combat despite people cautions regarding their teammates that he should flee. This may put him in factors far above his rut but bring about your to get to impressive feats. It attribute is the best observed throughout the his fight with Zarkon, who had been with the Black colored Bayard to drive Keith and also the Lion beyond the limitations. Usually extremely perceptive, Keith’s fiery identification sometimes explanations him to help you ignore very important specifics of his missions, instance are thus concerned about ruining foes he forgot the fresh new Balmera are a living creature and that he had to be careful to not ever cause any harm to they within the competition.

Even with his tendency to dive towards the race, Keith can be quite peaceful and you may cautious at times. This is certainly noticed in his wariness of your own local Arusians, taking a bit so you can warm up into friendly aliens in advance of thinking her or him totally. Keith is fast-witted, while making of many deadpan responses and findings at the other people’s bills, such as for instance Lance’s, who thinks Keith are his opponent. Even with ongoing provocations out of Lance, Keith suggests simply disinterest in a competition and you can renders attempts from the connecting and working along with his whole team. Keith is truthfully since the goofy and 100 % free-spirited since rest of their teammates; all it takes is a tiny offered to your slightly stoic Paladin to show this. He has chuckled freely within Hunk’s jokes and you can liked the food endeavor throughout the studies, tossing plates out-of goo onto Allura and Coran’s confronts when you are l to compromise amicable jokes regarding his own. Keith try notably keen on the outside, finding the quiet of your tree and you will nuts countries as enjoyable.

Keith is in palms regarding a knife affect brand new icon away from the new Blade out of Marmora no idea regarding the their root. Once noting parallels anywhere between they and another you to Ulaz wielded, Keith began to suspect he had been area Galra or being put by Zarkon to track the group, resulting in your becoming much more reclusive from his teammates and more sympathetic for the Galra break the rules competitors. Whenever his Galra customs is actually shown, he believed dejected on account of Allura’s hatred of your own Galra extending also so you’re able to him, although furious and you will damage, did not blame her for this. Thankfully to have Keith, Allura found terms and conditions with her individual suffering and you can emotions toward new Galra, and also make amends having him by proclaiming that she noticed your and you may new Paladins this lady brand new relatives, and the crucial thing for the one is who they really are, maybe not the bloodstream. Keith has indicated an interest in looking the fresh new world to possess their Galran relatives immediately after Voltron is not requisite, proving that he desired to continue their excursion off care about-finding and you will know more about his Galran origins.