Frank shields has developed several components that can enhance the feeling of the person entering into the scanning room by integrating several components in the shield room.

There have been hundreds of research reports showing the positive effects of incorporating healing art and biophilic friendly products into health care design. Biophilic spaces can reduces unnecessary stress and depression, enhance positive social response, speed up recovery times and providing medical patient distractions. Sky ceilings are becoming more popular in medical facility design because they are visually therapeutic and create an open feeling. Even claustrophobic spaces seem wide open. A typical MRI or CT scan can terrify the bravest souls and cause unnecessary stress. Aesthetically designed MRI Rooms creates a user friendly environment which is a positive marketing tool and gives your facility a strong competitive edge.


Studies have proven that Graphic Panels With Nature Imagery

  • Lower Blood Pressure.
  • Reduce Stress / Anxiety.
  • Decrease Muscle Tension.
  • Reduce Pain.
  • Re-Direct Negative Thought.
  • Visually Therapeutic and Create an Open Feeling.