Electromagnetic shielding’s are required to safe guard the safety of sensitive equipment’s and devices used in Military communications from an event of any nuclear detonations which are followed by time delayed High Energy Magnetic Pulses.

Frank Shields design and build HEMP shield enclosure for the Military sites in accordance with MIL-STD-188-125-1.Frank shields provide all of the disciplines required to execute such projects with its specially trained team from fabrication to erection and testing from one source. Frank shields has completed several projects in this region.

Uncommon to this industry, Gaven Industries Inc, in addition to our design and build capabilities, manufacture all of POE’s, except electrical filters, in house:

– Exterior HEMP Shielded Hardened doors
– Interior interlocked PEV doors
– HVAC, generator exhaust, fiber waveguides
– Large diameter water, fuel, oil waveguides


Enclosure Types

  • Communication
  •  Command
  •  Power Generation-UPS
  •  Mil-Star
  • Phased Array Radar
  • Server – data storage

Also uncommon are our details for the long term viability of the shield performance with minimal maintenance. Ventilation of inaccessible areas with conditioned air along with incorporation of stainless steels in corrosion prone areas ensures decades of shielding viability.