The latest Certified Sorts of size presented activities from altruism, dependence on relationship, and self-abasement

The latest Certified Sorts of size presented activities from altruism, dependence on relationship, and self-abasement

Intelligences (1999) groups Horney’s around three fashion with respect to the about three stores: human body, mental, and emotional, and labels her or him Defenders, Attachers, and Detachers. She makes reference to this type since the “around three line of methods of being; about three large models from decisions; around three primal, user-friendly reasons riding just how individuals work with the world.” (1999, p. 17)

A whole lot more concepts?

Attachers are now living in an emotional environment. They wish to see in which they remain mentally when considering anyone else. Their principal issue is recognition. He is determined because of the how they feel about by themselves, new feelings out of other people, and exactly how they come all over so you’re able to anyone else. Levine towns and cities Enneagram items Two, About three, and you can Four inside category.

This new Attachers, whose focus try exterior-brought and you can exactly who disperse toward anyone, add up away from, and you may are employed in the country, as a result of connection to anyone and you may relationships

The interest off Detachers are interior-directed in addition they get away from people. They generate feeling of, and are employed in, the country from inside the head. The brand new intellectual perspective is the Detachers’ ecosystem. To make sense of the country as a consequence of mental process and you will products is its main preoccupations. Its rational affairs become picturing, conceptualizing, fantasizing, analyzing, and you may synthesizing. They generate facts, question records, and you will connect suggestions. Issues Four, Half a dozen, and you can Eight belong right here.

Levine describes this new Defenders since the that have thinking-protective attract. They flow (clean right up) up against anyone. They generate feeling of, and you can work with, the country that have an attention to intrapersonal room and boundaries. The fresh new Defenders’ ecosystem is actually a human anatomy-created perspective. Their means of being is instinctual. They know of your limits to themselves and want to establish its space. Operating out of gut feelings, they generate its presence thought and you will establish the limits when you’re confrontational and you will combative, stubborn and passive-competitive, or crucial and judgmental. Issues 7, Nine, and one are observed right here.

It has been a sample of some authors exactly how Karen Horney’s around three fashion you will associate into the Enneagram appearances. It is supposed to be illustrative, perhaps not exhaustive. Where will we go from right here? Even though you certainly cannot have sufficient paradigms, eventually hypotheses need to be looked against certain facts. Empiricism introduces their medical direct.

There’s an email list, the Horney-Coolidge Form of Signal, crafted by Frederick Coolidge, Ph.D. determine Horney’s around three type of some one. It is a 57 goods, about three scale directory, mentioned on the an excellent Likert measure anywhere between rarely so you’re able to nearly constantly matches myself. It absolutely was normed towards the 630 some one, 315 female and 315 guys, which have an average age 21, between 16 so you can 93 many years. The inner measure reliabilities (alpha) and you may decide to try-retest reliabilities range from .78 to help you .92, which is some appropriate. Not totally all validity research is said about short-term instructions.

The one thing investigation of one’s about three balances revealed an excellent about three grounds solution inside the all the bills. The Aggessive Sorts of scale shown factors off malevolence, electricity, and you can energy. Plus the Detachment Kind of level introduced the factors out of significance of aloneness, prevention, and you will thinking-sufficiency.

Dr. Coolidge is really nicely giving permission to duplicate their decide to try to possess research motives. The guy teaches in the psychology agencies of your College or university out-of Colorado and will feel called within otherwise during the (719) 262-4146.

We haven’t utilized his tool, yet ,, but having looked over those things, my scheduling is their Certified level measures Twos, the fresh Aggressive size strategies Eights, in addition to Detachment measure steps Fives, which are the Enneagram models that obviously match Horney’s about three trends before everything else. I inquire whether or not the other half a dozen Enneagram designs carry out just like the certainly promote some of these trends because the counted by this list. However it’s a start down the red stone road of search.